Saturday, March 24, 2012


A beautiful symphony
of water and sand,
deep violins,
strike a heart chord.
The ocean clings to
its last grains of earth,
sweetly sliding from its love grip,
like a child pulled
from a comforting embrace.

Tiny round formations of silica
tumble and cloud in the sea's
last pools of good-bye,
disturbed in an endless game of play.

Some things are constant, peaceful.
Traverse a little farther,
Reach just a little deeper.

Earth mother below rests,
smiling and touched by a trickle of wet
as its beloved comes, again and again.
The Pacific's joyful belly churns freely,
tickling the limbs of its silent friend,
a pleasurable acknowledgment of co-existence.
Drop back. Widen your gaze.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rose Skin

Sex meets heart,
a yellow dew-kissed start.
Silken slips of rose skin,
moisten and tend
to my inner being.
Balance the roaring
waves of desire,
with an avaricious fire,
the need to be loved,
1 foot above.

Gasps of green and
torrential tickles,
blast me wide open,
with the strength to face you.
The vulnerability paradox.

Pleasure streaming,
down walls freely,
like dribbles of passion paint,
poured with angled abandon.
Whose wet legs finally meet,
only after days
of coursing languidly,
head over open knees,
dangling surrender.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excitement Soda

Sweet, gratifying cactus, how I'll miss thee.

More providing cacti exist, I heard somewhere.
With even larger capacities for love.
Is that true?
It's hard to know that any will be as good as you.

((You've tied the noose before the sentence was delivered.
What sliver of possibility could remain in such a game?))

Engage alternate ending!
I scrape the resin of judgment from my meninges.
Smear it upon the paper to examine its color more closely.
Swaddle, coddle even, the fear of the unknown,
with lovingkindness.

I gallantly parade my best wishes about the airwaves,
like effervescent experiments ViViD Exc!tement.
Like a christmas kid, who can hardly wait,
to greet her glistening gifts.

The ones I expect.

I can already trace their concealed shape in my imagination.

And the ones I'll never see coming.

Fated to careen me straight for a cartoon halo of ♥ 's and $'s.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alchemical Summer sky surging by,
warmth laced with gold fireflies,
aglow with a social chemistry
that drifts above wet blades of emerald.

Your smile soothes my heart like
a pillow left warm by my beloved's body.
Your dynamic mane of light,
recognition of unique in this world.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Above the Waist

Your fiery tickle
Above the waist, in cream lace
Rolling in pleasure

Friday, January 21, 2011

Unleashing Desire

Unleashing desire
My water spilled twice today
No man left untouched

Purge Puddle

This urgent birthing,
I require words for,
which would outline its origin,
contain its meaning,
explicate its reasons.
Except, none of this exists.

Only the sensation,
hunched over in preparedness,
relentlessly contracting organs,
and the relieving movement
as the effort comes hurling forth,
a reverse slide of wet color.

This, its only known connection to words.